How to Maximize Your PPC Budget

When dealing with PPC, the end goal is tying to spend the least amount, while trying to get the most out of your ads. Some common steps to try to ensure this include:

– For non-converting or high cost acquisition keywords, campaigns and ad groups, ensuring they are being filtered.

– Ensure you are controlling your negative keywords. Ideally, try to manage keywords every month.

– When managing your Google Display Network, be sure you are managing/excluding your irrelevant sites. Try to do every week if you can.

While these are some of the more common strategies for PPV, this blog will cover some other great steps in maximizing your PPC, while leaving more cash in your wallet. These include:

Choosing the right ad delivery

When using Google AdWords, you can choose from standard or accelerated. The ad delivery options let you choose how quickly your budget would be spent for each day.

With standard – which is the default option – AdWords stretches out your ads throughout the day. This would avoid a morning blitz, and a blown early budget.

Accelerated delivery would show your ads quickly. This option would spend you budget much faster, and display your ads in the morning.

It is recommended to utilize standard delivery since it makes the most of impression opportunities, while also maximizing your ad budget.

Excluding countries

Even when you set up a remarketing campaign targeting Canada, you may see other countries popping up. The reason for this is because they have visited your Canadian website.

Ensure to exclude countries that are outside of Canada and America.

Implement Tiered Bidding

Tiered bidding is a great way to manage you budget since it allows you to utilize multiple match types for the same keywords. This type of bidding allows you to spend money on relevant terms, while AdWords will display these ads/keywords more often.

This is a great way to save money, and maximize a budget.


Ad scheduling allows for control of specific times and days your ad will run. Scheduling is another great tool to help maximize your budget.

If you’ve seen times or days that have a higher reach for your audience, think about targeting those specific slots. Early weekend mornings, or late week nights, may be possible time you want to stop ads.


In February 2016, Google began showing ads above and below organic listings – three ads appear on the top, while 4 show on the bottom half.

Don’t feel pressured into only targeting the top three. In the event you’re looking to save a little cash, try the fourth position. You might be surprised at how well you do outside that top three slot. Experiment with this, but it’s worth a try when trying to manage budgets.