How to Up Your Content Game in 2021 & Some Industry Updates

This week we’ll be looking at some digital marketing news from YouTube and Google that online marketers will want to know about. Also, we’ll be highlighting a tip on how to up your content game in 2021.

So, here is what you need to know about….

New YouTube Analytics Metric

There’s some exciting news for all the video YouTube creators out there! A new 24-hour metric will allow users to analyze new videos that have been posted after 24 hours of being up. This will allow content creators to see how many views they are getting in comparison to the last video they put up. But YouTube is going even further and providing such data as to how many of their subscribed users watched it, when people watched it, and even revenue generated by the video.

This new addition is now available for all videos uploaded, and you can still utilize it for any video you published going back to 2019.

Don’t Be Fooled by Google’s Crawl Stats Report Changes

A new update to crawl stats report from Google will show more crawls, but the company wants to reiterate that this is just a new update highlighting “news types” of crawls. So, if you see a jump in crawls, it is merely this new reporting change, and it has no impact on search.

While the crawl stats report was actually launched in November of last year (2020) this new tweak is important to know about since some marketers may be confused by the new data and crawl numbers.

Boost Your Content Game with A Content Marketing Audit

We’re almost through the first month of the new year, and there’s no better way to start off the year than by trying to improve your content for 2021. By conducting a full marketing content audit, you can gain a tremendous amount of insight that will allow you to curate better content. For example, an audit will reveal what content hit home with your audience, and conversely, what content missed the mark. You can then take this information and focus on the things that worked while trimming out the ones that didn’t gain any traction. An audit can also identify what channels ended up best engaging with your audience, and what got the most traffic, organic searches, conversions, etc.

And you don’t always have to completely reinvent the wheel for all of your content. Maybe there was an in-depth piece that performed great. If there was, see if there are ways you can update it and improve it for 2021. Properly repurposing content can be a great way of getting new content that you know will connect with your audience.

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