How to Use Content to Drive Qualified Traffic to Your Site

Content continues to be the central site element upon which most lead generation activity is built. But how can companies use content to drive leads, reach high numbers of prospects and then push those prospects further down the sales funnel? This is one of the fundamental questions surrounding marketing content creation. Within this latest post, we’ll examine several techniques companies can harness to bring qualified leads to their site using content.

Highlight Other People’s Content

With the advent of social media and the need to utilize Google-approved link-building techniques, quoting the content of other brands has been shown to help companies expand the reach of their own pieces. The person linked or quoted within the content will then be more likely to promote the content within their online social circles, helping to boost the content’s reach among relevant audiences.

Republish Successful Content

Content with many shares and a high level of engagement within the comments online can be republished to reach new relevant audiences and bring new traffic to the site. Successful content can be shared months after its initial release and companies that have published a blog series can achieve exponential growth in qualified traffic by simply re-releasing the content later in the calendar.

Leverage Keyword Tools for Topics

A company’s keyword planners and tools can empower them in creating targeted content for their prospects. To ensure success with this strategy, companies can audit their Google Analytics and identify topics on which there is a large degree of engagement from within their site. Brand leaders must find out what people are searching for at each stage in the buying cycle to help expand the audience’s understanding on a subject and move them toward conversion.

The content that will yield the most success in terms of driving qualified traffic is the content that is engaging and pre-targeted toward a certain segment of your brand audience. To learn more on how to expertly craft this type of content for your company’s blogs, newsletters and related publishing areas, speak with our online marketing specialists directly today!