Important Digital Marketing News to Start Your November

The last few weeks and days saw some pretty significant updates and news in the digital marketing universe that will reshape the way users and businesses engage with their audience, manage their online presence, and even recruit top talent.

So, to keep up with these changes, we’ll cover Google’s November Core Updates, LinkedIn’s amazing growth and their new AI-powered job search tools, and Pinterest’s impressive financial and monthly user strides. 

Google Unveils November 2023 Core Update

While many of us are still reeling from Google’s October 2023 core update, Google has unleashed its November 2023 core update, making it the second significant transformation in its search algorithm within just two months. Google explained that the newest update focuses on enhancing a different core system compared to last month.

Quick Update Turnaround 

While core updates typically have a one to two-month gap, it’s indeed a rarity to witness two major updates released in such quick succession. Google reassures most website owners that they may not need to implement significant changes in response to these core updates. 

Nevertheless, Google advises a thorough review of its core update guidelines in the event that your traffic or rankings experience any impact. Concentrating on producing high-quality, valuable content remains a perennial recommendation.

What You Need To Know

Google Core Update Q&A To address common inquiries about how search updates operate, Google has furnished an updated Q&A. Here are some of the key points:

  • Core updates differ from Google’s ranking systems. Updates modify the algorithms while ranking systems generate search results.
  • Despite thousands of updates occurring annually, only notable ones are announced publicly.
  • If your website is affected by a core update, it doesn’t necessarily imply a penalty for spam. Other non-spam issues might be at play.
  • While Google strives to avoid significant updates during the bustling holiday shopping season, it’s not always feasible.
  • Google encourages users to pose questions in the Google Search Central community forums if they observe substantial changes in their site’s performance during core update releases. Google’s search specialists actively monitor these forums to identify potential issues stemming from the updates.

If it seems like it’s been tough to keep up with these updates, there’s a reason; this is the fourth core update that Google has rolled out in 2023. Previous updates occurred in March, August, and October, with each involving multi-week rollouts.

LinkedIn Surpasses 1 Billion Members, Introduces AI-Powered Job Search Tools 

LinkedIn’s big achievement of getting one billion users is accompanied by the unveiling of AI-driven Premium features aimed at providing tailored career guidance to its members. 

This revamped Premium service will harness the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to provide customized career advice, uncover hidden job prospects, and streamline the job-hunting process.

Customized Guidance for a Rapidly Changing Workplace 

The new Premium experience addresses the growing skills gap confronting today’s professionals. LinkedIn reports that by 2030, an estimated 65% of the skills required for various jobs will undergo significant changes as workplaces continue to evolve.

LinkedIn’s AI assistant will analyze user activities and interactions to present relevant insights and recommended next steps. For instance, it might suggest specific skills to develop, articles to read, or connections to reach out to based on a user’s career context.

Furthermore, it will shoulder the burden of sifting through lengthy articles, videos, and posts and provide ideas on how the information can be most valuable to the user.

AI-Enhanced Job Search Chatbot

LinkedIn’s most remarkable addition is an AI-powered chatbot serving as a “job seeker coach.”

This chatbot, powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4 language model, can assess your qualifications for a particular job by analyzing your profile and experience.

Premium subscribers can activate the chatbot directly from a job posting and ask questions like “Am I a good fit for this role?” and “How can I best showcase my background?”

The chatbot will scrutinize your profile and offer an evaluation, including highlighting any areas where your background aligns well with the job opening and flagging potential gaps that might affect your application.

With one billion members worldwide, LinkedIn remains the largest professional networking platform globally and looks to grow even more in 2024.

Pinterest Surpasses Revenue Expectations & Gains Users

In the third quarter of 2023, Pinterest experienced a remarkable 11% surge in revenue, reaching an impressive $763 million. This growth was fueled by a substantial increase in ad earnings, attributed to an 8% year-on-year rise in global monthly active users, which now stands at 482 million.

Pinterest’s remarkable success can be partly attributed to its ability to both attract and retain advertisers, all the while providing effective measurement tools for advertising campaigns. This performance bears significance for advertisers seeking to diversify their ad investments, as Pinterest has outperformed expectations, offering a substantial reach with its expanded user base.

With the end of the year in sight, Pinterest foresees a potential growth range of 11-13% in the final quarter of 2023. 

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