Important Digital Marketing Updates for December

While the end of 2023 is almost here, that doesn’t mean there’s a slowdown in digital marketing news and updates. In this week’s blog, we highlight a recent update from Google, the potential “lazy” side of ChatGPT, and how YouTube is offering up free subscription access.

Google to Gradually Remove Third-Party Cookies in 2024

Google will soon test a default restriction on third-party cookies with its Tracking Protection tool to 1% of global Chrome users (beginning January 4, 2024,). Website owners relying on third-party cookies should prepare for potential challenges before Google phases them out entirely in the latter half of 2024.

The move is a key step in Google’s Privacy Sandbox initiative, aiming to eliminate third-party cookies for all users by late 2024, pending the resolution of competition concerns from the UK’s Competition and Markets Authority.

Users randomly selected for Tracking Protection will receive notifications in January upon opening Chrome on a desktop or Android. Sites facing issues can temporarily re-enable third-party cookies through a prompt in Chrome.

According to a Google spokesperson, the gradual introduction to a small percentage of Chrome users allows developers to test readiness for a web without third-party cookies.

The Privacy Sandbox initiative, with two goals — phasing out third-party cookies and reducing cross-site tracking — aims to balance online privacy with supporting digital businesses.

ChatGPT Is Getting A Little Lazy

In a recent development, OpenAI, the company behind the widely used language model ChatGPT, has openly addressed concerns about the model’s perceived laziness and sluggishness, raising potential considerations for the future of artificial intelligence.

This follows a surge in user feedback highlighting a decline in the model’s performance. Users have reported instances of incomplete tasks, the adoption of shortcuts, and a tendency to evade responsibility for assigned duties.

Taking to Twitter, OpenAI acknowledged these user concerns and disclosed that the model hasn’t undergone any updates since November 11th. They underscored that the observed “laziness” was unintentional and attributed it to the inherent unpredictability of large language models.

OpenAI clarified that these changes might be subtle, impacting only a specific subset of prompts. This subtlety poses a challenge for users and developers alike in promptly identifying and rectifying these behavioral patterns. It will be interesting to see if this continues, but one thing is certain, this highlights the danger of overreliance on AI.

YouTube Unveils Free Subscriptions

YouTube has unveiled an enticing initiative to fuel the expansion of channels; the introduction of free subscription offers for content creators.

Under this new program, YouTube creators are allowed to gift 10 complimentary subscriptions each month, strategically crafted to bolster their audience base.

For eligible creators already enrolled in channel memberships, this complimentary subscription benefit comes at no additional expense. It serves as a powerful tool to showcase the exclusive perks associated with their memberships.

The main purpose of this promotional move is to provide viewers with a firsthand experience of the advantages inherent in subscribing to a particular channel. By allowing them a taste of these benefits, the hope is to attract their interest and potentially encourage them to upgrade to a potential full-paying membership. This, in turn, can contribute significantly to increased revenue streams and heightened brand visibility.

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