Important Digital Marketing Updates to Start April

While April Fools Day just passed, there are some pretty important (and serious) updates from Meta, YouTube, and OpenAI that you need to know about. From gaining better audience insights, improving your video content, and easier access to your favorite AI platform, we break it all down in this week’s latest ALM Corp blog.

Meta Releases New Audience Insight and Targeting Features

Meta has introduced new features for its Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, including improved audience insight and targeting options. These updates give advertisers the ability to generate detailed reports on their audience and target potential to reach potential buyers who’ve shown interest but haven’t converted yet. This is important because it helps advertisers understand their audience better and optimize their campaigns more effectively.

Here’s a bit more about what’s new:

Engaged Customers Audience Segment

A new feature called “engaged customers audience segment” allows for better audience analysis. In Ads Manager, you can now select “Demographics by Audience Segments” under the Breakdown menu to view data on New Customers, Existing Customers, and Engaged Customers.

Precise Targeting for Engaged Customers

In the Ad Account Settings of Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, advertisers can now target their engaged customers more precisely using custom audiences. Engaged customers are defined by Meta as individuals who are familiar with your business or have interacted with your products or services but haven’t made a purchase. 

This targeting option allows for the creation of one or more custom audiences specifically for these engaged customers, excluding existing paying customers.

YouTube Updates Studio Analytics

YouTube has updated its Studio analytics with a new feature that shows how many impressions come from new versus returning viewers. 

Insight into Your Video Content

The update allows creators to see the breakdown of their audience more clearly. By examining how many new and returning viewers they have, creators can gauge the reach and attractiveness of their content.

Improve Your YouTube Creation Strategy 

With access to this data, users and marketers can do a better job of shaping their future content strategy. For example, if a creator notices that a lot of impressions are from new viewers, they might focus on making content that attracts and keeps new viewers interested. Conversely, if a lot of impressions are from returning viewers, a creator could focus and concentrate on content that builds viewer loyalty and encourages them to keep coming back.

The new analytics feature is available in the advanced mode of YouTube Studio analytics. With these ongoing updates to YouTube’s analytics, creators will have a better ability to understand their audience and build stronger viewer relationships.

No More Signup and Login for ChatGPT

OpenAI has recently made ChatGPT available for use without needing to sign up or log in. This new instant-use option provides the same functionalities as the previous version, except some features will not be included. What makes this move so interesting is that OpenAI is moving towards making information more accessible, challenging Google’s dominance in information/data and accessibility.

Easy Access Like a Search Engine

Users can now access ChatGPT 3.5 instantly, like using a search engine, eliminating the need to register or log in. However, OpenAI has mentioned that the content shared on ChatGPT could be used to train the model. As of this blog, it seems there is no option to disable this feature in the instant-use version of ChatGPT.

Looking to Tomorrow

While all these programs and tools empower marketers and content creators to better understand and engage their audiences, an expert team like ours can help you stay updated and leverage the latest trends and updates to create more effective campaign strategies and a stronger online presence.

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