Important Factors To Consider For Link-Building Campaigns

Link-building campaigns remain one of the most effective means of building engagement online. But few growing companies have a comprehensive understanding of the various linking strategies they can use to achieve marketing success.  And so within this blog, we’ll present an overview of the various types of links to available for use when building campaigns.

Home Page Links

One of the biggest mistakes companies make when engaging in their initial link-building campaigns is only linking to their home page. This rarely results in a level of traffic generation equal to the amount of work required. That’s because home pages rarely host relevant contextual content. In order to ensure long-term growth within link-building campaigns, companies must link to their inner pages, where they post their most engaging written content and media.

Nofollow Links

Nofollow links have become more common place single Google began penalizing sites for attempting to game the SEO system. These nofollow links are designed for site owners to use to protect their campaigns against becoming the victims of spam. Companies may use nofollow links, for example, when linking to guest posts or untrusted sources of content, which they don’t want to be connected to their site by Google’s SEO algorithms.

Diverse Link Sources

The best ranking sites within Google are linked by multiple sources, including press releases, blogs and forums. Having this type of rich diversity in the source of links to a company site ensures that the company achieves a credible reputation and helps the firm move forward in terms of its SEO returns.

Anchor Text Links

Anchor text, which links directly or via a call to action, is often highly successful within link-building campaigns. This is primarily due to the familiarity of the format of anchor texts, and the ability for Google’s SEO algorithms to recognize the links and conduct quick analysis on their quality. However, to achieve link-building success when harnessing anchor links, a broad assortment of anchor link types should be utilized.

Link-building campaigns often build slowly and increase in returns over time. By utilizing the optimal strategies from the inception of campaigns, companies can build on their returns and continually achieve the level of online recognition their research and their brand deserves.