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Emerging Video Marketing Trends for 2019

This year saw a host of content marketing changes and 2019 will prove to be no different. One of the leading technologies brands and businesses can capitalize on will be video marketing, which has been gaining more traction each year since its development.

Here are some important things to know for video marketing in 2019.

 Search-Friendly Videos

 As artificial intelligence and automation improve, many more brands and businesses are seizing the opportunity to create more searchablevideos. Audio tracks can be transcribed using voice applications and closed captions can be found in search results, making video a great digital marketing tool.

Connecting with Customers

 Video marketing in 2019 is going well beyond creating YouTube videos to advertise your brand. Phones and devices are built with quality cameras, enabling users to fashion high-quality videos like never before. Many companies are utilizing these tools to connect with their clients or audiences by sending personalized video messages, rather than a simple email or follow-up call.

Live Events

 Hosting live events can be a great way to get people excited about your brand. Even simply going live on occasion to chat personally about your business or give audiences a glimpse into your everyday life improves your reputation and visibility. Going live on Instagram, Facebook, or another platform encourages engagement, so give it a shot.

360 Degree Coverage

 With the recent advent of 360-degree video content available on most social platforms and devices, brands and businesses can use it to provide a more immersive experience for their audience. It gives viewers a chance to explore your content and control their perspective, making it a great video marketing tool for 2019.

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