Improving Your Content Strategy

One of the best ways to improve your content strategy is by understanding the important relationship and connection that content marketing and content strategy have; one can’t exist without the other.

Imagine your content strategy as a pita, with content marketing being the pita bread that holds your strategy together. Without the aid of content marketing, your strategy would fall apart. Then why are the two separated?

A simple answer is that content strategy answers the famous four W’s: Who? What? Where? Why? While content marketing will answer how it all will reach your audience.

A common issue is after those four W’s have been answered by content strategists, what to do next? Often it is then given to the content marketer for the next step.

That is where the common mistake happens.

You MUST work with the content marketer during the entire procedure to ensure your content goes from good to awesome.

What to Create

When strategists and marketers work together, they curate content that has the end user in mind. Combined, the two will know that great marketing strategy is about communicating the correct message, in the correct format, to the correct audience, at the correct time.

They will also remember the importance of delivering differently designed content for social media and email campaigns. Try to email just enough info to get your users interested, without overloading them with info/content. Once your users make it to your website, that’s when you should have all of the info needed.

The end goal is to deliver seamless content across your digital platforms.

Get Content Seen

While creating great content is important, getting it seen is a must unless it will not serve its purpose.

When creating content, both the strategist and marketer should be thinking about the best methods to get their content to the consumer. Normally, content marketers are engrossed within the industry, and will know how to reach your target customer.

Tracking ROI

Content strategists make content for the purpose of making sales, getting social shares, attaining emails, etc. The content marketers can provide insight into whether paid media was used, metrics for social campaigns, and much more.

Knowing the ROI and these different metrics will aid in the direction of future content being created, and ultimately lead to improved content creation.