Instagram, Twitter, and Shopify Digital Marketing Updates

In this week’s digital marketing updates we highlight how Instagram is making their app a safer place, and we also have some news about Shopify’s recent success and Twitter’s recent data news.

Instagram is Fighting Back Against Bullying

While we all know the power and effectiveness of social media platforms, unfortunately, it can also be a place where bullying and mean behavior can sometimes occur. Well, to help make their platform a safer place, Instagram has announced that it will be enforcing more rules and limitations to help fight abusive behavior.

These new rules and measures will ensure that no offensive and/or abusive message can be delivered via DMs. Instagram will deactivate any accounts that are flagged for abusive messaging. In addition to this, users will now be able to block messages from users they do not follow. While similar rules were already set-in place for creators and business accounts, this addition to personal users is a great step forward and one that will only strengthen engagement and Instagram as a whole.

Shopify Shines Amidst the Pandemic   

The Canadian e-commerce platform, Shopify, has released some information about their Q4 revenue and sales. The company announced that its Q4 revenue was up by nearly 95% and that sales via their platform shot up past $5 billion over these past holidays. This means that Shopify saw a year-over-year improvement of 86% – which is huge!

While we all know that e-commerce shopping is becoming more and more popular, due to the global pandemic and lockdowns. Online shopping is exploding, and for many, it’s the only way they shop. While Shopify’s numbers are huge, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that many brick-and-mortar businesses are struggling; shares and earnings have been less than stellar while many other chain retailers have announced permanent closures and bankruptcy-like J.C. Penny, Thyme Maternity, and many more.

Shopify’s success is reassuring for many online marketing and e-commerce retailers and is a further sign of the importance of having a solid e-commerce platform and online marketing strategy for your brand.

Twitter Updates Data Tracking

Twitter has made two updates to its data tracking in order to assist marketers with their data tracking. To start, Twitter has remodeled its app install so it is easier for developers to manage, and this change will also increase impressions. The second update is that Twitter will add a URL tag if someone clicks on a website ad. This will mean that third-party cookies will not be needed, and per Twitter’s own Ads Manager testing, they saw website visits increase by ten times versus the pre-update stats.

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