Landing Page Optimization – from SEO to Conversion

The data shows 60 percent of businesses plan to increase their organic search investment this year. And the modern landing page has become a secret weapon in the search marketing armory of an online business. It’s a page through which companies drive conversions and bring in revenue for their organization. But many online firms still struggle in optimizing their landing pages. It’s a multifaceted issue that begins with optimizing landing pages for strong search performance and ends with optimizing the landing page content for maximum conversion ratios. This blog will highlight the best practices for those investing time and resources into landing page optimization for this year’s campaigns.

Optimizing Landing Pages for Search Rankings

Landing pages must be formatted in the same way the company would format their other web pages for optimal results in search. The same basic rules apply to landing page SEO as apply to other pages. To enhance the chances of their landing pages achieving higher rankings and strong relevance within search results, companies should include the following within the page:

  • SEO-friendly formatted headlines
  • Optimization for fast loading times across all devices
  • Optimized images with ALT tags
  • Relevant, naturally-placed keywords
  • Appropriately placed Schema

Bridging the On-Page Conversion Gap

Because the main goal of all landing pages is conversion, they require a unique set of performance indicators to other pages. Whether the conversion process involves the download of an eBook or signing up for a product trial, the landing page’s performance should be measured based on the conversion levels.

A/B testing can help companies craft effective copy for their landing pages and can ensure the conversion process is honed for optimal long-term results. Companies may also choose multivariate testing, which involves testing and improving multiple page elements to improve conversion levels. The following items are critical on-page elements to consider during testing work:

  • Trust signals such as social proof and testimonials
  • Images and links
  • Call to action elements
  • The placement of all elements within the landing page

Through a careful approach to optimization and close analysis of all conversion data, companies can ensure their landing page campaigns are a success in 2015. It’s an area of rich value for many online firms and the outlined best practices can give proactive companies a clear advantage. To discuss landing page creation and optimization with a search marketing expert, contact our team directly!