Latest Data Shows Consumers Strongly Influenced by Reviews: What This Means for Your Business

A new study by search market experts Moz found that 67.7% of searchers are now influenced by reviews when considering their buying decision. This latest data comes as Google continues to refine its search algorithms, which now place reviews at the forefront of searches, particularly in the local search marketplace. So how can companies use this information to improve their online reputation? In this article, we’ll answer this question and focus on what the data on reviews means for your business.

Learn the Best Practices for Responding to Reviews

It’s clear from the data that reviews have an impact on customer sentiment. But how can the individual business owner manage this sentiment while improving their online reviews. The key is in how they respond to reviews. When responding to a negative review, it’s important to address the concern directly. Detail what the company has done either to resolve the customer’s issue or what processes the company has in place to ensure it shouldn’t have happened. It’s also important to validate all positive reviews with a thank you and a direct connection from within the company. This will show the firm is engaged and responsive.

Monitor Public Opinion

Companies should set up a review monitoring mechanism through which a dedicated member of the team works to resolve any customer complaint online. Whether the majority of the company’s reviews are through Google+, TripAdvisor or Yelp, it’s important that these review sites are all monitored on a regular basis. That’s because one negative review within the few pages of search could see a company losing 22% of its customer base, according to the data from Moz.

Think of Reviews as the Sales Pitch

In a marketplace where local buyers are now turning to their own market research and networking with other customers to learn more on companies and their products, an online review is a company’s sales pitch to new prospects. Companies must ensure their sales team understands the value that these reviews offer them within the new sales process, and create a dynamic system that ensures each review is met with a specific response. This type of system can ensure customer reviews earn a place within the business’s sales pipeline.

By understanding and capitalizing on the value of online reviews, companies can move forward in their sales and marketing processes and engage with online buyers. To discuss this subject with a specialist, contact our trusted team directly!