Do much more, with much less, using marketing automation systems from ALM Corp! We’ll optimize your processes and expenditures to greatly improve your digital marketing ROI.

Marketing automation helps you make the most of your digital marketing investment!

Smart computer systems and AI services custom-implemented by ALM Corp can radically improve your digital ROI. We can reduce your manpower workload while significantly increasing leads, conversions, and ongoing upsells. Marketing automation truly allows you to do more, with less!

Marketing Automation Maximizes Your Digital Marketing ROI

Smart businesses use smart systems to reduce their digital marketing spend. Marketing automation systems greatly reduce the amount of manual labor needed, while utilizing analytics to create great results. Examples include:

  • Email automation: Craft excellent promotional messages, then let smart systems drip-feed them to leads and customers automatically, for maximum impact!
  • Social media automation: There’s no need to have staff mannnig your social accounts 24/7 when smart systems can do most of the basic functions automatically.
  • Content repurposing: With the right underlying data structures, blogs can become emails. Videos can be attached to newsletters. Content can be reused repeatedly, reducing your content creation spends.
  • Lead capture and ranking: Stop sending sales staff lists of unvetted leads. Analytical systems can capture and analyze every lead, ranking and classifying each based on how well they match your buyer profiles and likelihood to convert.
  • Website visitor tracking: Know what every visitor is looking at! Trace movement through your website to understand browsing patterns, and optimize webpage design for maximum impact.
  • AI chatbots: Answer your customers’ questions 24/7 without having to keep support staff full-time. Smart custom chatbots on websites and social media can handle most basic inquiries, while passing on complicated questions to human staff for callbacks.
  • Advanced retargeting: Don’t let a customer walk away from a full shopping cart! Automation systems can remind buyers when they have a purchase left to complete, greatly improving conversion rates.

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    ALM Works With You To Create Exceptional Optimized Marketing Automation Systems

    Whether you’re an agency or an individual business, ALM Corp can help you radically update and optimize your marketing spends! We have extensive experience helping organizations of all sizes truly make the most of their digital marketing budget.


    Our work always begins with you. What are your goals? What are your sales and growth targets? Who are your ideal customers, and where can they be found? What are your competitors doing? We’ll explore these questions and more alongside you to truly understand how to best serve your needs.

    Reviewing Your Options

    There are marketing automation processes for businesses of every size and budget. Smaller operations can benefit greatly from email and social media automation. Large organizations can see huge returns from more advanced lead analysis and content repurposing systems. We’ll show you the options we think could bring the best returns for your organization, and let you decide which will be best for your needs.


    Nothing goes live until it’s been thoroughly tested and vetting by our expert in-house teams. We’ll go over every system repeatedly until we’re convinced it’s perfect – ensuring that you get the most returns from your upgrades from the start, without costly mistakes.

    Ongoing Support And Content

    ALM Corp can be your full-time partner in digital marketing and content creation. If wanted, we’ll stick by you, producing more content, analyzing the results, and continuing to fine-tune your automation systems to produce even better results.

    No matter your needs, ALM Corp has you covered.

    With tens of thousands of successful campaigns in our portfolio, you can’t go wrong with ALM.