MozCon 2021 – Taking Charge of Your Indexability – Areej AbuAli

SEO consultant, Areej AbuAli’s MozCon presentation examined how we can be in control of how Google not only crawls but also how Google indexes our webpages. So, our ALM Corp. team wanted to take a few minutes to highlight the main takeaways and how this can improve your website and digital marketing.

What to Focus On… And What Not To

Areej starts off by proposing to drop the 100-page audits, regardless of if you’re looking for small or big SEO fixes. Instead, she recommends trying to focus on prioritizing recommendations that will have a true impact on your site.

The example of a car buying website was used to show how users can search for cars near their location, and the different search filters they may use (i.e., model, year, price, color, etc.). Users can also see car history, contact sellers, get update news on cars…the list goes on. Now, Areej mentions how many webmasters will either set up their site as follows:

  • They will index everything under the sun to try and maximize their ranking opportunity
  • Or, to avoid an index blot, they may not index a large portion

Do You Really Want to Index Everything?

For the most part, you probably wouldn’t want to rank for absolutely everything Google would crawl and index for.

If you do index everything, it will bring up the following issues:

  • All your pages may not end up being crawled by Google
  • All your pages may not be indexed
  • The important pages get lost in this mix and might be missed
  • These important pages may not rank well since they were not crawled or indexed

To avoid this from happening, Areej states you need to ask yourself,

What’s the high-level KPI that we’re being measured against?”

Understanding What to Focus On

In this situation, it’s probably organic leads and revenue; as opposed to organic rank, organic sessions, etc. So, instead of indexing everything, break down your site to try and figure out which pages to focus on that can bring you organic leads.

While this may seem basic, it is often not done properly, and depending on your site and business/service, there still might be more than a few pages to focus on – determining these is the key to your success. By focusing on these indexed filters, you will see a lot more organic leads, as well as having these important pages indexed properly.

Maximizing Your SEO & Digital Marketing

While Areej’s amazing presentation went very in-depth, the info we outlined should have you well on your way to improving and maximizing your indexing and SEO. At ALM Corp., we’re here to help you improve every aspect of your online marketing. We provide a suite of services including SEO, website development, e-mail marketing, PPC, and much more.

To learn more about our solutions and how we can help you, please contact our team now!