MozCon 2021 – The Science of Purchasing Behavior: How to Use It Effectively to Attract & Convert More Prospects Into Customers

We delve into Flavilla Fongang’s fascinating MozCon presentation about neuromarketing and the power it has over behavioral purchasing and marketing. Find out the power of the brain, and how it can improve your marketing and the buyer’s journey and purchasing decisions.

Understanding the Brain

While we won’t rehash and go too in-depth about the three brain parts that Flavilla highlighted (neocortex, limbic system, and reptilian brain), the reptilian part of our brain has the biggest influence on our final decision making – and ultimately purchasing power as well.

Utilizing such technology as electroencephalograms (EEGs) we’re able to gain better insight into the electromagnetic activity in the brain via measures and mapping out the brain’s activity.

How Brain Stimuli Can Improve Your Marketing & Purchasing

With this new technology, companies can hone their marketing strategy and improve their client relationship by focusing on the following reptilian brain stimuli:

  • Identify the desire or pain (self-centered)
  • Differentiate your claims (what makes them different?)
  • What’s the benefit? (quantifiable)
  • Send the message to the reptilian brain (start & finish, visual, & emotion)

Obviously, focusing on the self-centered messaging is important since buyers, are for the most part, all about themselves – it needs to help fix a problem, situation, etc. Since the reptilian brain can identify contrasts, by differentiating your claim, service, or product, you can not only showcase how it’s different, but you’ll also be able to highlight its benefit (why does someone need it?). The important message needs to be clearly outlined at the very beginning and should be emphasized again at the end. Remember, the reptilian brain is drawn to negative emotions that need to be focused on the client’s psyche or perspective.

Don’t Forget About Sensory Marketing

A tip that was highlighted was to not forget about the power of the gaze, and where people might be looking in your advertising – like looking at the product as opposed to away or at you, etc. But, while the “gaze” is important, other things like vision, hearing, smelling, taste, and touch are all sensory aspects that can be tapped into and focused on for enhancing your advertising and purchasing powers.

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