Optimize & Improve Consumer Pages

One of the primary aspects affected by Google’s recent update arepages dealing with information regarding consumer health, future success, and financial stability. Since these are all pages dealing with consumer trust and oversight, Google takes them very seriously when it comes to rankings, so make certain all information contained in such pages is accurate and optimized for the best results.

The best way to ensure you rank properly for these types of pages is to have them optimized by professionalswith industry-specific keywords and double-checked for accuracy.

Assess Content Length & Quality

Another important factor impacting Google rankings affected by the recent update is the length of web content and its overall quality. It can be a bit more complicated to streamline content and quality, but the best way to do so is to tailor it for users. For example, shorter questions punched into search engines like “When is the next full moon?” deserves a much shorter answer than “Where’s the best place in Santa Rosa to watch the solar eclipse?”

When it comes to adaptive SEO content, determining what works best can be somewhat subjective, which is why it pays to develop your own rating system to ensure best practices. Consider things like the quality of writing, whether it meets the desired search intent and how it presents information visually. Also, make certain your pages and content contain outbound links to reference sources and internal linking back to your sites.

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