Social Media Marketing News & Tips for The Final Week of June

In this week’s blog, we have some new social media marketing news that you’ll want to know about, along with how to gain access to over 400 million monthly users and potential customers a month… for free!

Boost Your Social Media Marketing with Pinterest

With many regions loosening their pandemic restrictions, now is a great chance for businesses to take advantage of full reopening measures– think of it as a chance to make a second first impression. One great, and absolutely free way to promote your business is through Pinterest.

For those who haven’t taken advantage of this social media platform, now is your chance! Be sure that you create an Pinterest business account. Doing so will allow you to use features that regular accounts can’t, such as great analytics info, paid ads, and when your pins are shared, they’ll always include your account name and profile pic.

With over 440 million users each month, it’s a great social media marketing opportunity, so head on over to Pinterest now to get started.

YouTube Video Ad Creation Just Got Easier for Small Businesses

If you own a small or medium-sized business, you’ll be happy to know that Google has just released a much easier and streamlined ad creation process for YouTube. Google makes it even simpler for businesses to choose the target audience they want to reach along with their budgeting limits. One of the reasons this is such a welcomed addition is because previously if you wanted to post an ad, you had to use the full version of Google Ads, which for many non-marketers and small business owners could be a bit overwhelming.

With this new and simplified interface, creating the social media marketing ads you want has never been easier!

Reels on Instagram

If you’ve been looking to expand your reach and followers on Instagram, Reels is a great tool – and Instagram has now made it available globally, for everyone to take advantage of. What’s great about Reels is that it allows you to reach users who don’t follow you, so your ads can have a much larger impact.

Reels lets users create up to 30 seconds of video ads that other users can share, comment on, and like. Previously, testing had been done only in certain regions, so now is your chance to start experimenting with this new social media marketing tool.

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