Steps to Planning Your 2019 Social Media Calendar

A Guide to Planning Your 2019 Social Media Calendar

Social media continues to be one of the most effective avenues for brands to connect with their growing audiences online. But the 2019 social media audience is a little savvier than in past years and connecting with quality branded content may take a greater understanding of the latest trends.

Let’s review how to plan your 2019 social media calendar.

Focus on quality, not quantity

In past years, companies were focused primarily on pushing out as much content as possible to keep their brand in the public eye. But consumers have caught on to this strategy and are now easily pushed away from companies that simply produce constant irrelevant content. Take the time to plan your 2019 social media calendar using precise organic content strategies, presenting social media updates only when they offer true value to your audience.

Create genuine connections

With the audience becoming savvier, you will have to work harder to engage with your target customers on social media. One strategy is to use authentic connections and create emotions with your content. Many are now using social mediato connect with their favourite brands and you can enhance your brand’s reputation by truly listening to the feedback you receive via social media and developing content based on audience engagement.

Connect with influencers

With social media reputations becoming more important as a means of disseminating messages, maintaining connections with social media influencers can ensure your brand is front and center for customers. Create a list of qualified influencers within your niche and look to engage with these influencers when discussing industry trends and your brand’s content. This can ensure your product/service is distributed more effectively across social media channels.

Test messaging across multiple platforms

As with starting any new campaign, testing is crucial to your social media marketing success in 2019. Make sure you capitalize on each of the platforms available. Test your messages with key audiences across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and more, to ensure the right content reaches the right person. Building this process into your 2019 social media calendarwill generate the best return for your content investments.

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