The 3 Elements Mobile Users Need from a Business Website

Theirs is no getting away from the fact that business is more mobile than ever before. A business’s core customer-base may live in any country around the globe and be connected to their online presence by a broad range of devices. Companies require a mobile website and a mobile marketing action plan to respond to this diversification of the commercial landscape. And within this piece, we’ll highlight the three elements mobile users require to effectively use a business’s website.

1. Business Hours Displayed Prominently

A mobile device is a product designed to be used quickly and while on the move. The latest data shows the vast majority of business customers use their mobile device to see a company’s business hours. This means business hours should be displayed prominently within the home page to give mobile users immediate access to their required information. Mobile site designers may also use this information to link prominent promotional site areas to the area of the site displaying business hours.

2. Easy-to-Use Lists of Products and Services

One of the more frustrating elements for customers is when a company’s website design makes it nearly impossible to view their products and services. Business site designers can improve their site’s functionality by linking to products and services directly from the home page. They can also provide site users with a simple search system to minimize frustrations and lost business.

3. Text Size that is Easily Readable

It’s quite simple; when a site’s text isn’t easily read on a mobile device, the company will lose mobile business customers. But many companies are still naïve in this respect. They use small or otherwise illegible typefaces that limit reader comprehension. A mobile user shouldn’t have to pinch and squeeze to zoom in on the mobile site’s text. It should be displayed in the ideal format immediately for instant and simple use.

By adhering to the best practices of mobile business website design, today’s growing businesses can succeed in their local marketplaces and build a refined online presence. To discover more on mobile web design, contact our expert design team today!