The 5 Qualities of Engaging, Shareable Content

To achieve their marketing objectives and maintain content engagement across a broad cross-section of the online audience, companies must focus on ensuring content is engaging, and shareable. As all SEO experts know, shared content achieves high visibility within search rankings. But few truly understand the core qualities that shareable content exhibits. Here, we’ll focus on the 5 qualities of engaging, shareable content.

1. Concision

The online experience can seem rushed for many users. With emails to check, social media feeds to review and news articles to read, users don’t have time to learn about brands. Branded content must be easily digestible to an audience-base used to stopping their reading after 180 characters.

2. Targeted

The most shared content is content that is targeted to a unique audience. Companies worry too much about alienating sections of their potential content audience, rather than focusing on those who are most likely to want to use the company services.

3. Unique Value

Every company must have a USP. The same is true of content. Content must hold a unique, standout quality to capture the attention of online audiences.

4. Visual

Content displayed with an accompanying video or image is far more likely to ensure engagement. Remember: 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. Using the power of visual content can help expand the number of shares.

5. Strong Title

The title of the content is crucial. Most viewers will simply scan the page to see if any element captures their attention. This means companies must use strong, pointed wording within their titles to begin on solid footing.

Companies looking to grow their core audience must make producing share-worthy content a critical element on the road to campaign success. The process begins with focusing on the unique value of the content produced and optimizing content to ensure it is share-worthy, engaging and expertly created.