The Analytics Tools That Can Enhance Website Returns

The value of operating a website is greatly enhanced by learning more about your users. What are users looking for from your site and how can you improve upon the site to enhance the returns you achieve? These questions can be answered by using the latest analytics tools. To help you understand more about analytics tools and the value they can bring to your business, we’re highlighting the latest options within this post.

Crazy Egg

One of the leading tools in the marketplace is Crazy Egg. Crazy Egg allows you a full insight into how users are moving around your site, both historically and in real-time. A great advantage of the tool is the recordings feature, which tracks users in real-time as they move from page-to-page. You’ll see which dropdowns they use, how long they stay on a page, and which page is the most popular over a period of time. It’s a tool with a great range of features, which can be used to enhance your site incrementally and over time.


Like Crazy Egg, Hotjar is another analytics tool with comprehensive reporting features that enables you to track how the user interacts with your site. One great advantage of Hotjar is that you can create conversion funnels, which highlight the pages on which users are leaving the site. You can then focus on these pages in your improvements and then work to maintain a steady stream of website visitors that remain on your site for several minutes before converting. Hotjar is the ideal tool for companies looking to minimize visitor drop offs on specific site pages.


Very few tools can offer the proven ROI of UserTesting, which, as you might have guessed, is a tool which allows real people to test your site and provide their feedback. The website testing tool allows you to watch a customer use your site, while providing their feedback. Users will look at areas in which they get stuck on the site, and explain their difficulty. You can also use the UserTesting tool to test competitor sites, providing a great comparison on how users work with your site, compared with others in your industry.

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