The Best Content Marketing Trends for 2019

Explore the Best Content Marketing Trends for 2019

By using the actionable data from within your marketing applications and working with your creative team to build new and engaging content, you can consistently improve your content marketing results for 2019. We’re seeing the market change rapidly this year, so we thought we’d take the time to explain a few of the leading trends shaping the 2019 content marketing field.

Build a documented strategy

The best2019 content marketing strategies should be based on a clear path to success. While in past years, brands might have been able to test and try different strategies to varying levels of success throughout the year, the current landscape requires a more consistent, focused approach with tangible steps at each stage in the marketing process. Ensure your content strategy is documented and that each member of the marketing team understandsyour target audiences, your content goals, and your most important messages.

Focus on your best-performing channels

While it used to be effective as a strategy, simply being active on a marketing channel before your competitors are is not the ideal use of your resources, especially with a growing list of channels. Take the time to explore the various marketing avenues and enact strategies that focus on the best channels for your brand and its campaign targets.

Focus on audience feedback

Social media feedback and comments on your blog posts are of growing importance to your content marketing success. If you’re not maximizing your appeal to your audience, you’ll find they don’t keep coming back when you produce more content. Listen to the feedback you receive and try to initiate changes based on these levels of content engagement.

Capitalize on video

While written content retains its value in the marketing mix, video is now one of the most popular options for audiences across the globe. Make sure that your company is using its resources to create compelling videos and to distributing these videos to a targeted audience. Develop a more authentic voice for your brand’svideo messaging can help boost sales and search results.

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