The Mid-January Digital Marketing Roundup: Everything You Need to Know

As we roll into the first half of January, there have been plenty of updates and activity in the online marketing world from some of the biggest companies around like Google, ChatGPT, Facebook, and Microsoft. As always, we want you to stay ahead of the curve, so we’ve put together four important updates that can help you improve your online presence in the new year.

Google to Discontinue Business Profile-Generated Websites

Google’s upcoming changes in March 2024 will significantly impact businesses relying on Google Business Profiles for their website creation and hosting. This shift requires businesses to transition to alternative platforms for website creation, such as Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Google Sites, Shopify, or WordPress. It is crucial for businesses to update their Google Business Profiles with their new website links to maintain an online presence and ensure continuity in customer engagement. 

Additionally, businesses should review and potentially update or pause their ad campaigns linked to their Google Business Profile websites, as these will also be affected by the change. This strategic move by Google emphasizes the importance of versatile online platforms for business operations and marketing in the digital era.

ChatGPT Team Has Arrived

OpenAI has introduced ChatGPT Team, a new subscription plan aimed at enhancing workplace productivity. This plan offers advanced GPT models, collaborative features for shared custom GPTs, and a secure, private workspace. 

ChatGPT Team is designed to act like an AI assistant, handling tasks such as data visualization, converting images to text, and email automation. Priced at $25 per team member (USD), it promises improved efficiency and higher quality work. OpenAI’s move underscores the growing role of AI in streamlining organizational workflows.

Facebook Introduces “Link History” 

Facebook has recently implemented a new feature called ‘Link History’ across its mobile platforms. This function, which is activated by default, records the websites users visit through the Facebook mobile browser. It’s designed to enhance targeted advertising capabilities, although users can turn off link history if they prefer. If a user does choose to turn this feature off, Facebook will not be able to see any sites you may have visited and will clear all of your link history.

The inclusion of this feature is particularly noteworthy as the digital marketing landscape evolves, with the growing emphasis on privacy and the gradual move away from traditional cookies. This development could offer marketers a new avenue to connect with their audience, though its long-term viability remains uncertain.

Bing Chat Gets Longer Memory Capabilities 

Bing Chat’s recent update has enhanced its memory capabilities, allowing for longer and more coherent conversations. This improvement means the chatbot can retain context and details over extended dialogues, making interactions more fluid and informative. 

This enhancement is a step forward in making Bing Chat a more sophisticated and user-friendly tool, especially for users engaging in complex or ongoing discussions. For marketers, it’s a great addition and will allow for more flexibility and in-depth research and conversations.

Get the Most Our of Your Online Business or Agency 

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