The Most Important Ranking Factors for Local SEO Success in 2018

By discovering more about ranking factors, you can begin to enhance your local SEO results. The competition for places in local marketplaces is growing and so SEO campaign managers must make sense of the newest data and capitalize on ranking factors for their 2018 campaigns. In this latest post, we’ll explain the more important ranking factors for the coming months.

Google My Business

Your Google My Business profile is of the utmost importance as a ranking factor. Make sure that the category is set correctly, the relevant keywords are within the title of your profile, and that the website link provided is crawlable and fully functional. You should also ensure that your full address is in the profile and each element is correct.


Reviews are now integral to local businesses. The stronger the company’s reviews the better their results will be both as a business and in terms of their rankings online. Make sure that you’re encouraging customers to provide good, honest reviews of your company and that the reviews are placed on Google’s Write a Review page. It’s important to note that fake reviews will always do more harm than good, so be carefully to only allow customers to review your page.

Combine Voice Search and Local Search

Make sure that you’re integrating voice search within your local SEO optimization. Add the location to keywords for voice searches to ensure that mobile users adding their town or city can easily find the information they need. Be prepared to respond to evolving trends in voice search as the technique becomes more popular over the coming year.

Social Signals

Consider how social signals are impacting your business. Are you achieving the level of response you would like from social media? Work to grow your Facebook and Twitter audiences and encourage users to Tweet and post about your brand. This can help provide a significant boost in your local rankings.

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