The Proactive PPC Campaign Creator’s Checklist

PPC campaigns involve a dynamic range of elements and sometimes, when organizing a new campaign, marketers might leave out a vital component. This lapse in concentration can have an effect on the performance achieved within the campaign, which can then then diminish its return on investment. And so in this blog, we’ll set out a foundation for the creation of PPC campaigns with a complete checklist to run through during the AdWords campaign set-up process.

Keyword Management

In managing keywords ready for a PPC campaign, marketers should ensure that the keywords are housed according to their group. At this time, it’s important to look-out for duplicate keywords that might waste valuable resources. Campaign organizers might also want to break down keyword lists of 20 or more into smaller, more easily manageable groups.


Before beginning the campaign, it’s important to ensure all advertisements have a relevant, engaging headline. Another crucial element to check off is ensuring that the display URLs have the keywords included. Most companies should  also include mobile-specific advertisements within their PPC campaigns in order to engage a larger, more dynamic audience-base.

Campaign Review

As part of a comprehensive campaign review, it’s important to check the campaign budget to protect against over-extending new campaigns. Next, marketers should check the settings for the campaign to ensure it’s targeted to the right location and using the right networks. Without the right audience from the outset, campaigns will deliver limited early returns.

Ensure Tracking is optimized

Tracking campaign performance is critical from the earliest points in PPC campaigns. Marketers should ensure that a goal has been added to Google Analytics to help with tracking conversions through advertisements.

These items are just a few of the many important elements to consider when going over a pre-campaign checklist for PPC campaigns. By carefully reviewing every element of their campaigns, and then measuring and optimizing their PPC processes on an on-going basis, companies will achieve a tangible return for their investment. The crucial factor is the amount of work that goes into the PPC planning process. Committing to a close review of all campaign elements in the early stages will help build results.