The Three Most Effective Link-Building Tactics for 2015

We know that Google has spent many years researching ways to limit the impact of spam link-building strategies within their algorithms. And we’re now at a point where spam link-building tactics have been mostly discarded. But link-building as a strategy remains effective when proven techniques are followed, and so it’s important business leaders understand the way the link-building process is evolving and then to begin harnessing the techniques used by the specialists in search. In this latest post, we’ll take a look at the three most effective link-building tactics for 2015.

1. Harness Infographics

The image is still one of the best ways to build traffic using link-building techniques. Infographics are widely disseminated across social media and can help the image creator to achieve wide-spread link credibility for their work. To find ideas for infographics, business owners can search for their competitors and the word “infographic” in Google to discover the most popular options. They can then list each of the industry-relevant URLs hosting the infographic.

Once a list of URLs has been created, they can place the links into a back-link analyzer tool to inspect the back-links linking to that URL. On each of the back-link URLs it’s important to find the site owner’s contact information to gain interest in the company’s infographic. Most times, if they’ve been happy to previously host an infographic on their web page, they’ll be happy to do so again for the business owner’s content. It’s a strategy with proven results that can help improve long-term link-building strategy performance.

2. Take on Interview Opportunities

Interview opportunities are becoming a more relevant link-building technique with the growth in podcasting. Business owners can search for industry-relevant podcasts to join to help them expand their link-building campaign and bring more authority to their brand within the industry. While most new business owners will find it difficult to achieve interview spots on the leading podcasts in their area, they can find local opportunities in small, niche podcasts that allow for excellent link-building campaign growth.

By searching on sites such as, company owners can find local niche podcasts and examine their popularity by audience. By targeting the lowest ranked shows first, they can then identify possible link-building opportunities quickly and effectively. They can then move up to the higher ranked podcasts as their own popularity grows.

3. Write Testimonials and Reviews

Businesses want their products to be widely used and discussed within their industry. And savvy online business owners can capitalize on this within their link-building strategies. By writing product reviews and testimonials for the business tools they use regularly, business owners can quickly gain links back to their site.

To implement this link-building technique, it’s important to first get in touch with the company that created the tool. Then offer to write a review for the company. Try to highlight how the product has benefited the business within the testimonial. This could be done by showing a stat on how the tool has increased productivity or how the product has helped save costs. These types of reviews help capture the tool creator’s attention and will improve the chances of them posting links to the review on their website.

By harnessing the link-building strategies showcased within this post, companies can achieve lasting online resonance in 2015 and beyond. To learn more on the latest link-building strategies, contact our expert online marketing team today!