The Top Trends in SEO for 2018

The evolving world of SEO requires those of us in the industry to take stock and review the current trends for the year. If you’re about to start on new campaigns in the coming months, make use of the data on the latest trends to enhance your results. We’ll get you get started in our latest post as we look at the top trends for SEO in 2018.

Speed No Longer an Option

A fast-moving site is not an option any longer. Your site must be designed to perform effectively across the platforms and on all devices. Site loading speed is now a leading ranking factor, as it ties into user experience and into the time spent on site that search companies look for when building their algorithms.

Teens Using Voice Search

The data shows that 55% of teens now use voice search daily. Whether they’re using a virtual assistant from a system in their home or their own personal cell phone, the use of voice search is growing. The trends indicate that voice search will continue to take an increasing portion of the marketplace in coming years, and so SEO teams must optimize for questions voice searchers are likely to ask and build an easy to navigate site for those with little time.

Mobile Now the Most Important Factor

The mobile marketplace has grown to the point that it is now the most important factor in designing SEO campaigns. Make sure that you put your sites through the Google Mobile Test to determine usability and performance on various devices. The company’s WebSite Auditor will also provide you with useful tips on how to improve sites in accordance with the latest rules for optimal mobile performance.

Personalized Search

We’re increasingly seeing the personalization of search results for device users. This means you’re more likely to see websites that you’ve previously used higher in your rankings when you search for a related topic. For SEO teams, this means placing more focus on their potential users and finding out how to reach them individually. What is their unique profile? And how can the company build the ideal site to reach this target profile?

By taking into consideration the trends in mobile, voice, and personalized search you can begin to improve upon SEO results in 2018 and beyond. To discover more about the newest trends, call our team today!