This Week In Digital Marketing: Twitter, Google, & Instagram News

This week was certainly exciting in terms of digital marketing. Of course, it’s never a dull moment, right? Everyone’s favorite social media network Twitter made an important announcement, in addition to changes announced by both Google and Instagram.

Here we go into all of the details, so let’s jump right in with some of this week’s most important digital marketing news to help you improve your online campaigns.

 Twitter Addresses Apple’s Upcoming IDFA Update

 With the most recent privacy update from Apple, the social media network Twitter has addressed concerns about data tracking. Those Apple device users who want to opt-in to such tracking when they install the app need to ensure SKAdNetwork is properly set up. It’s important to note that many users will likely want to opt-out of being tracked, a welcome option to many users that could be detrimental to advertisers.

 Google Tweaks My Business Info Options

With so many people relying on local businesses and services as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Google has followed suit and added another tweak to their Google My Business user options that enable users to include how long a business has been open. This will make it much easier for consumers to find reliable stores and restaurants.

 Users will be able to see such information between the business name and other details. Those who want to take advantage of the most recent update will need to simply enter the date their business opened in their Google My Business profile. This will likely increase search rankings for those companies that can prove they’ve been around for a while and maintain a certain level of trust with consumers.

Instagram Lets Users Recover Deleted Items

We’ve all done it at one time or another: deleted an important post, Reel, or story accidentally. Well now you can avoid such a scenario because the social media network is allowing users to recover deleted files and folders for up to 30 days. The move comes as a result of hackers deleting posts and will also include new security features that ask for verification when a user wants to delete a specific post. For those who’ve had issues recently with their Instagram app, it will come as a welcome surprise.

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