Three Benefits Offered by Google’s Free Website Call Conversion Tracking

With the vast majority of mobile users now utilizing click-to-call when arriving on company websites, call conversion tracking is becoming a critical tool for online marketers. It’s the perfect time then for Google to announce free website call conversion tracking technology. With so many of the modern company’s website sales taking place over the phone, they need tracking systems in-place to monitor process performance. Here, we outline three benefits that free website call conversion tracking systems can bring to today’s growing online companies.

1. Data is Available Directly within Adwords

Data provided through the call conversion tracking system will be available to business leaders through their AdWords accounts. This means they don’t have to create a new account to store the incoming information. All information will be available within the Call Details section of their conversion reporting tool.

2. Advertisers can See Which Keywords Drive Calls

The call conversion tracking technology creates a unique phone number for each ad a company runs through AdWords. This means that companies can directly track which keywords are most effective in generating leads for the company. They can then track the conversion of the keywords through the new free tool from Google to provide complete visibility into campaign performance.

3. Call Conversion Breaks down the Numbers by Device

The technology from Google allows advertisers to see how each customer reached their phone number. Whether the customer completed a mobile click to call or manually dialed from a laptop, this information will be highlighted. This will then allow companies to optimize the way in which they create their campaigns to better reach their core audience.

It’s a new technology that is still in its infancy. But call conversion tracking is set to become a critical component of high performance campaigns within the mobile online business environment. Company leaders can now refine their campaigns based on tangible calling data from their online advertisements.