Three Digital Marketing Tips for The New Year

With 2022 fast approaching, if you haven’t already started planning for what’s next for your online marketing strategies, don’t sweat it, we’ve highlighted three strategies and online marketing musts that can up your online presence, brand, and sales.

Up Your Local SEO Game in 2022 (with a little help from Google)

As many marketers are aware, 2021 saw a lot of updates for local SEO and many of those saw changes to GMB. With the pandemic still affecting our live and many businesses, supporting and shopping local is more popular than ever. So, it’s to have a solid SEO strategy for the holidays and 2022. Be sure that you’re updating your local listings and info; something that is much easier to do directly in Maps or Search thanks to the user-friendly GMB profile.

While it might seem like a no-brainer, double-check your local information to ensure it’s up-to-date and that all products are properly optimized for Google search.

Building Brand Awareness

If we learned one thing from 2021, it’s that competition is fierce, and brand awareness and loyalty are key components for any business (online or brick and mortar). If you haven’t started, now is the best time to tell your brand’s story utilizing content across various social media platforms. Show people why your brand is different, the services/products you provide, and always be sure to update your audience on the latest news and start building your brand up.

Be sure that you’re using your social media to the max and sharing your videos, blogs, whitepapers, updates, products, and other content. This will not only promote your brand when done correctly, but it will also bring people to your site and from there, they will purchase your products, services, etc.

Don’t Forget About LinkedIn

Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Twitter are some of the main social media platforms that we think about for both personal and professional use, but LinkedIn also had a huge year in 2021. It saw impressive quarterly increases for both engagement and active users (monthly). They have also added some great features that marketers can take advantage of such as stories, LinkedIn polls, selling tools, and a lot more.

What’s great about LinkedIn is that not only can you have an official company page, but employees can also take part in sharing their stories about your company, products, etc. In short, if you haven’t already, be sure to use LinkedIn to its fullest capabilities in the new year.

Get Online Marketing Services from ALM Corp. in 2022

While the aforementioned tips can help you get on the right path for 2022, our team at ALM Corp. provides a range of custom digital marketing services for both business owners and agencies. We’ve helped launch over 5,700 websites and have generated over 7 billion in sales.

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