Three Holiday 2020 Digital Marketing Tips

With the holiday season here, it’s the most wonderful time for digital marketing. And while all companies will be getting ready for this time, there are some very important aspects of your online branding that will need extra attention. Changes to customer habits due to COVID-19 need to also be considered this holiday season.

So, here are three things to be focusing on and managing for a successful holiday season…

Feature Popular Items in Your Ads & Website

While highlighting your new and popular products and services in Ads and on your website is always a must, during the holiday season this is more important than ever.

Take a look and review some of your data from the previous holiday season, as well as which products are currently popular with your in-store customers and online. Try to identify any trends (you can also see competitors as well) and be sure to feature the products you think will be a hit in your online ads as well as with content and email marketing.

Pro Tip: Now is the time to highlight deals and special offers to shoppers. Be sure these are easy to see on your site and landing pages – don’t hide them away or make them difficult to find. Now is the time to really use that client email list to get the word out on deals and special offers to loyal customers.

Don’t Procrastinate

In 2020, we’ve seen many things affected in our day to day routines, and shopping habits have seen a huge shift towards digital. Not only do customers have more time to shop, but the pandemic has also seen many brick-and-mortar locations shutdown – which leaves shoppers going online. So, be sure to have your e-commerce and site ready for early holiday shopping (amongst other things for your site like advertising, content, etc.).

Also, not only has the pandemic seen shopping habits move towards online, but it has also resulted in a surge with delivery and mail servers. Many savvy shoppers are also shopping early to ensure that their presents arrive on time; so that should be extra motivation to get your ducks in a row. Failure to do so can result in shoppers going elsewhere for their online shopping.

Social Media

Now that your website, emails, and e-commerce are taken care of, don’t forget about the importance of social media. If you can, collaborating with influencers or even reaching out to some loyal customers is a great way to connect and share your brand, story, and products to both loyal and new customers.

Be sure that your social media channels are geared toward the holidays. Not only because this is the biggest time for shopping, but it is also a great way for businesses to show their gratitude towards customers, staff, etc.

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