Three New Year’s Paid Search Resolutions to Keep Your Online Brand Successful in the Coming Year

The New Year is a time at which we tend to reflect on our past successes and failures in the previous 12 months and examine how we can improve upon our results in the coming year. While many people complete this process on a personal level, few take on professional New Year’s resolutions within their business. Within the quickly-evolving search marketplace, this commitment to growth and upheaval is critical. And so within this blog, let’s look at three New Year’s paid search resolutions.

1. Craft Comprehensive Checklists for the 2015 Campaigns

By creating daily, weekly and monthly checklists for their accounts, marketers can move forward with their paid search campaigns based on tangible insights into campaign performance. Reviewing data such as click-through-rates and keyword quality can help provide actionable information for making decisions on campaigns. By maintaining this process throughout the year, companies can optimize continuously.

2. Review Search Options Beyond Google

While paid search through Google is considered a leading avenue for marketing success for many growing firms, they are not the only company in the business. Companies like Bing can offer interesting paid search opportunities. For those conducting international campaigns, reviewing options such as Yahoo and Baidu could offer a passage into lucrative paid search markets that Google campaigns cannot always reach.

3. Consider New Features

Google is continuously adding new features to its current line-up of marketing products. Consider for example, Ad Words Scripts, which can be used to automate campaign monitoring, or ad customizers, which can modify campaign texts to respond to the user’s search query. By reviewing these new features and implementing them within current campaigns, marketers may find a hidden solution to a common challenge that would otherwise hinder their 2015 campaigns.

The paid search marketplace is a lucrative environment for growth, and an area rich with potential for forward-thinking marketing firms. Consider your organization’s needs in 2015, and build a set of New Year’s resolutions that will drive your brand to greater heights in the coming 12 months.