Three Non-SEO Tips to Drive Audience Engagement With Online Content

As Google’s SEO rule changes continue to make small businesses fearful of making those first steps within their online marketing campaigns, some companies are waiting on making move within their SEO processes to ensure all elements are in-place to avoid search engine penalties. In the meantime, attracting attention online is a priority during the company’s initial growth phase. And so many are searching for the best non-SEO practices to help quickly ramp-up leading generation efforts and begin achieving crucial online recognition.

1) Use PPC Campaigns

Pay-per-click marketing has long been considered a more limited campaign strategy compared to SEO. But many firms can still achieve a return on investment by harnessing the latest PPC techniques. One benefit that PPC campaigns have is that they are not limited by the algorithm changes made by the big search engines. This means that any advertisements purchased will still hold their position at the front the queue. Companies should begin their campaigns by tying them to their analytics accounts. This way, they can see the returns they’re achieving and then scale-up their efforts once they’ve been able to mitigate risk.

2) Focus on Conversion Strategies

While PPC campaigns are designed to bring clients to the website, the site itself must be built to achieve conversion. Sales conversion techniques include the use of call to action marketing as well as streamlining design to take the user to the desired area of the site, whether it’s a shopping cart or a sign-up area. Companies also enhance their conversion levels by adding areas on their website for testimonials. A focus on conversion can help ensure that site visitors make the choices the site owner wants them to make when they’re on-site.

3) PR Strategies

Press releases are known to generate a lot of interest online, as they’re exceptionally timely and usually very relevant to the audience’s current needs. Companies can harness the value of press releases to announce news around their brand. Whether it’s a new product release or a new staff member, any news that’s relevant to the company can put the brand in front of its target audience through press releases.
Making effective use of non-SEO strategies is a challenge for all up-and-coming firms. But when completed in the right way, these strategies will act as the perfect complement to SEO work when the professional resources are available for the organization.