Three SEO-Building Tricks the Best SEO Services Companies Use

The best SEO services companies know that there’s no one right way to build SEO.  There are a lot of ways!  Smart SEO strategy involves making use of many different tactics, in parallel, to encourage better search result placement for your chosen keywords.

SEO is a constantly changing field, but as of mid-2019, these are some of the best keyword-building tactics you’ll see the top SEO companies using.

Three Great Keyword Tactics Used by The Best SEO Services Companies

1. Using test posts to try to rank for difficult keywords 

There are numerous keyword research tools online which will attempt to estimate how difficult it will be to rank for a particular keyword. However, these tools have a blind spot: they focus almost entirely on backlinks because that’s the easiest thing for public tools to quickly investigate.

This, in turn, means that other websites may be scared off from trying to rank for those keywords.  In other words, there might be far less competition than it seems!

So, every now and then, shoot for the moon.  Pick a keyword you’d like to rank for, no matter how difficult it seems to be, and write a good post based around it.  See what happens.  You really could end up owning a super-valuable keyword.

2. Look for NEW keywords 

Right now, innovation and disruptive technologies are rampant across most fields of business. This constant change creates a great opportunity for improving your SEO, by predicting and jumping on keywords before they’ve had a chance to take root.

Just as one example: you know the people who correctly predicted that Siri-style voice search would take-off are now sitting pretty. The first people to start using the term “voice search” are likely still near the top of the list.

Obviously, we can’t do your homework for you on this one but keep your ear to the ground. Also, keep a close eye on social media. When you see a new term coming up in conversation, or in online forums, don’t wait for it to trend – jump on board and try to claim it.

3. Delve into industry glossaries

Want to target a new industry for your product?  Speak their language!

Thanks to the proliferation of online dictionaries and wikis, there’s no area of jargon so obscure that someone hasn’t created a glossary for it.  These glossaries can be absolute keyword goldmines.  Jargon and technical terms aren’t going to be known to most “general purpose” SEO companies, so they will often be overlooked.

In the meantime, though, the people within that industry will be searching for those keywords. Sure, they might not rank as popular in your keyword research tools, but they’ll be in use by some of your most qualified leads.

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