Three Shocking Facts that Highlight the Importance of Content Marketing

Despite the large amount of content being produced and presented online each day, many companies are still questioning the idea that content is crucial to online marketing results. The latest data from the industry shows that, while organizations are now beginning to understand the importance of strong web content, the facts point to a bright future for the field of content marketing as we enter a time period where it becomes essential to use content to support brand relevance online. In this blog, we’ll highlight three facts which prove the long-term importance of content marketing campaigns.

1) Active Blogs Help Companies Generate 67% More Leads

The latest data shows that organizations with active blogs generate 67% more leads than those with limited blogging strategies in place. The reason: readers simply love to learn about organizations in a down-to-earth way. It provides online audiences an introduction to the personality of the brand and helps forge a strong connection for future sales.

2) Companies Spend 33% of their Budget on Content Marketing

With the average company now spending 33% of their budget on content marketing processes, the importance of content is clear. And with the growing amount of leads brought in through content marketing campaigns, companies can ensure a strong ROI despite a high spend on their content.

3) Combined, Social Media Sites and Blogs Reach 8 out of 10 Internet Users

A strong social media presence that’s continuously updated with relevant content can capture a large percentage of motivated buyers online. With 8 out of every 10 internet users being reached through social media and blogging campaigns, companies can combine their commitment to social media and content marketing to target users and quickly locate new leads sources.

When today’s small companies fail to commit to their content marketing campaigns, they face losing out on significant revenue growth. The data clearly shows that there’s a tangible return on investment to be achieved through effective content crafted to meet the needs of today’s content craving audiences.