Three Tips for Using Infographics to Improve Social Reach

Crafting compelling content is one of the leading challenges within SEO campaigns. Many companies struggle with this aspect of online marketing. This is especially true of firms in industries where the content matter is considered dry and unappealing to a general audience. Companies might be able to create intelligent content on their industry but it’s imperative to find ways to create interesting, share-worthy content for link-building campaigns. Infographics can help companies to bridge the gap between intelligent and interesting, to ensure their content is shared across a broad online audience. In this blog, we’ll provide three tips for using infographics to improve social reach.

1. Consider Outside Content Connections

Companies must be able to tell a story with their infographics. They must prove a point that hasn’t been stated. They must also connect with qualified audiences outside their industry. For example, a realtor might use an infographic on home selling trends to create interest in their services. The realtor could show which properties are the most popular in their region and then compare those figures with the rest of the country. This type of information is both useful and interesting to other realtors, real estate companies and homebuyers. By increasing the audience for content, creators can increase the number of shares across the social sphere.

2. Build a Content Strategy for the Infographic

Once the infographic has been created, companies can then build a strategy that ensures the infographic is disseminated widely. Most marketers simply produce the content and wait for others to pick it up. But creators must be more proactive to increase shares. Infographic creators might consider creating an article to go with the graphic to provide comprehensive information for readers. They can then move forward with the outreach process.

3. Commit to Outreach

Every successful link-build strategy depends on outreach. To make a connection with a wider audience, companies must first make a connection with other brands in their marketplace. To begin, create a list of qualified specialists within the industry. Then send a personalized pitch to each specialist, asking them if they’d be interested in the infographic. If they’re interested, the company can then send their infographic and a link to the infographic on their site with a short introduction. Then invite the specialist to publish the link on their social media platforms and websites.

By crafting a concrete plan alongside their infographic, companies can maximize the number of links they receive and achieve lasting momentum within their campaigns. To learn more on utilizing infographics within SEO campaigns, speak with our trusted specialists directly!