Three Tips To Combine Site Usability With SEO Best Practices

Today’s website owner is challenged with the task of harnessing the latest search engine optimization strategies while ensuring that their content remains relevant and useable to the reader. While many small businesses struggle with combining these two important tasks, it’s important to understand that the requisite combination is not impossible to achieve. In this blog, we’ll review three common challenges website owners have and how to overcome those challenges.

1)      Combine Entertainment of Video with SEO-Driven Descriptions

Many of today’s website owners are now focusing on utilizing video to help explain complex topics in an entertaining and engaging manner. But without optimizing the video, they often find that they miss out on search engine ranking to sites with more written content. In order to counteract this issue, site owners should utilize a video sitemap and titling to provide keyword rich copy for search engines to use in finding the content. Site owners could also provide a transcript of the video within an expandable on-site area in order to include any campaign keywords that might be required to ensure site visibility.

2)      Include Disclaimer Text in Images to Reduce Duplicate Content Penalties

One area in which many online businesses are having difficulty is duplicate content. For companies within field such as medical supplies and manufacturing, it’s imperative to have disclaimers in content for legal reasons. These disclaimers often show up as duplicate content within search rankings, thereby limited site performance for SEO purposes. To help improve their rankings, companies should embed any disclaimers within site images. This will help support the site’s legal needs while ensuring SEO performance.

3)      Improve Rankings by Transitioning to HTML from PDF Content

PDF content has long been challenging for SEO specialists. PDFs don’t allow tracking and so companies cannot accurately optimize the performance of their PDF content as they move forward with campaigns. To mitigate this issue, companies should transition from PDF to HTML content. In order to satisfy the needs of users for intuitive PDFs, the site owner should include a link to the PDF within their HTML.

The best practices of search engine optimization can be included within user-friendly content. Companies must review the options available to them in terms of optimization and work with their users to adapt to any changes required as the SEO industry evolves.