Three Tips to Increase a Site’s Click-Through Rates

Sometimes, companies must look beyond their search rankings in order to enhance the performance of their website and the returns they receive for their online marketing investment. Even the best search optimization strategy is unlikely to achieve outstanding results without optimizing site content to improve click through rates. And so here, we’ll focus on 3 tricks companies can now utilize to improve the click-through rates on their websites.

  1. Optimize Snippets to Suit Seasonal Campaigns

Companies must capitalize on seasonal events to help bring a sense of timely relevance to their online campaigns. By utilizing snippets and inviting searchers to try seasonal offers, companies can connect with their online audience in a way that will bring additional clicks to their website. It can be difficult to time the changing of snippets to match the crawling schedules for the search algorithms. But, by updating snippets regularly and well in-advance of seasonal opportunities, businesses can experience an uptick in seasonal shoppers.

  1. Add Customized PDFs to Bring Authority to the Site

By utilizing their in-house copy in the form of data sheets, whitepapers and guides, companies can significantly expand their current site click through rates. For the more technical keyword searches, PDFs often bring in a greater number of click-throughs than the standard web page. That’s because this type of searcher is often looking for tangible data to expand their knowledge on an industry or product. To make effective use of PDFs, it’s important to add company data such as the owner’s name, the company name and their contact information to the PDF document.

  1. Add the Company to Local Listings

Often, the listings for local companies within Yellow Pages and other online directories make the first page of the search rankings. That’s because these large companies have authority through Google and are seen as reliable. Smaller, local firms can improve their click-through rates by adding their information to as many of the online directories as possible. To submit information to multiple directories at once, business owners can use a distribution service or business information aggregator.

By enhancing their company’s local web presence, business owners can expand the number of visitors that click through to their website exponentially. Achieving strong online engagement is often as simple as providing the searcher the full information they need to make a swift decision on the company before they click.