Tips on Making the Most of a Small Digital Marketing Budget

Trying to run a digital marketing campaign on a tight budget is tricky, but it can be done.  You just need to be smart about your investments and look for ways to milk every possible dollar out of those investments.  Creativity helps as well, both in content creation, as well as choosing where to place that content.

As a PPC management agency with nearly a decade of experience, we know about working within tight financial constraints.  Here are a few tricks we’ve picked up!

Four Ways to Improve Your Returns on A Small Digital Marketing Budget

Retargeting campaigns 

There are few better tools for maximizing the impact of your digital marketing than retargeting.  Retargeting is a service offered by most advertising networks, including Google Display Network, which utilizes cookies and other tracking methods to place ads in front of people who have already shown interest in a particular product or service.

For example, say a lead visits a website and looks at a particular pair of shoes – but does not buy.  A retargeting campaign would then place advertisements for those shoes in front of them several times in the next few days.  They can even include discounts and other enticements to convert!

Stay on top of bid adjustments 

If you’re on a budget, don’t treat your PPC bids as “fire and forget.”  You should be watching your click-through statistics and PPC costs closely, and constantly adjusting your bids to avoid overpaying.

For example, say the price of a particular keyword rises 30% on the weekend, but you do not see an according increase in traffic on the weekend.  Why pay more?  Dial back your spending to focus on the cheaper weekdays, so you don’t overpay for traffic.

Keep monitoring search query reports 

If you’re on a budget, you should also be keeping a close eye on your search query reports.  In particular, there are two things you should look out for:

  • Long-tailed keyword hits.  As a smaller business, you want to be targeting long-tailed keywords whenever possible.  These keywords have less traffic but, being very specific, are more likely to deliver well-qualified leads – assuming the keyword is a proper match, of course!
  • Negative keywords.  You also want to cull out any keywords you’re matching for but aren’t relevant to your business.  For example, a customer searching for oil might want skin care products, cooking supplies, or automotive fluids.  Don’t pay for matches which are inappropriate!  Keep adding to your negative keyword block list, to prevent mismatches.

Invest in more mid-funnel content

When purchasing content on a limited budget, it’s easy to focus on top-of-the-funnel materials, since those are what make the leads.  However, it’s a mistake to neglect mid-funnel content entirely.  That’s what pushes the leads to become customers!  It is genuinely worth the money to generate some case studies, in-depth reports, and other “deeper” content which will appeal to leads who just need a little push through the funnel.

ALM Corp. Can Stretch Your Digital Marketing Budget 

We’re a PPC management agency dedicated to helping our clients get the most return on their digital marketing investment.  If you’re still doing everything manually, contact us to learn what a PPC management agency can do for you!