Unleash the Power of Search: Harness Google’s AI Overviews Like a Pro

Google’s recent launch of AI Overviews, formerly known as Search Generative Experience (SGE), is one of the biggest changes in search and SEO in two decades. Let’s explore how you and your clients can adapt and ensure content ranks in this new AI-generated section of search results.


What Are AI Overviews?


AI Overviews are now live for US users and are expected to reach another billion users by the end of the year. This feature uses Google’s large language model, Gemini, to generate text snippets at the top of the results page, including links to websites that corroborate the provided information.


How Does AI Overviews Work?


When users search on Google, they see AI-generated text snippets at the top of the results page. These snippets, produced by Google’s Gemini, include links to websites that verify the information, providing a quick, reliable summary for users.

How Will This Affect SEO and Traffic?


The introduction of AI Overviews has raised concerns among businesses and marketers about ranking in these sections. There is potential for reduced traffic to websites if they are not included in AI Overviews, making it important to adapt SEO strategies accordingly.


Types of Searches Triggering AI Overviews


AI Overviews primarily appear for informational queries, especially those beginning with “what,” “how,” “when,” and “why.” Examples include health-related questions and product information searches. Understanding the types of queries that trigger AI Overviews can help in optimizing content to rank in these sections.


How Can You Rank In AI Overviews?


Now that we’ve got that out of the way, to rank in AI Overviews, websites need to be among the corroborating sources listed. This requires content that is highly relevant and narrowly focused on specific queries. Summarizing the answer in a few sentences with high readability is crucial to increase the chances of being featured.


Optimizing Your Content for AI Overviews


Here’s how you can adapt your content and client strategies to rank in AI Overviews:

  • Clear, Concise Summaries: Provide clear and concise summaries at the top of your page to match the format of AI Overviews.
  • Relevant Content: Ensure your content is highly relevant to the specific queries likely to trigger AI Overviews.
  • Frequent Updates: Regularly update and re-optimize your content to maintain its ranking potential.
  • Google Search Console: Submit your content to Google Search Console for reindexing to speed up the process.

Hurdles and The Road Ahead


The introduction of AI-generated content by Google raises questions about the long-term impact on organic traffic and potential legal issues. Additionally, AI Overview is not always accurate and has produced erroneous results. 

During the early stages of rollout, users and developers should approach AI Overview with care.


Keep Up With Online Visibility & Traffic


Adapting to Google’s new AI Overview feature is important for maintaining and enhancing website visibility and traffic. By following the strategies outlined, agencies and businesses can optimize their content to rank in these AI-generated sections. 

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