Utilizing Social Media for Your Sales Funnel

More and more customers are turning to social media during their purchase funnel, and in doing so, social media should be a very important aspect when thinking about your sales funnel.

Make them Aware

If customers can interact with you brand, it will make it much easier for you to market to them once they are down the sales funnel. You could have a great brand, but if the customer uses social media and is unable to interact or finds very limited content, this can lead to an abandoned user. Ensure you have great content, that can be found.


Be sure to engage with your audience. Ask them for feedback, ask a question, you can even post a survey if you wish. An engaged audience will mean more site visits, and that should lead to conversions and the completion of your sales funnel.

Programs like Oktipost can assist you with customer discussions, and help get their insights by being able to respond to them in real-time. You should recognize brand ambassadors, track contributions, and even start a loyalty program that can reward engagement – this is an excellent method for increasing organic reach by rewarding such actions as shares and comments.

Using E-mail to Socialize

Your bran can utilize e-mails as a way to encourage social media engagement, and gauge audience insights and interaction. Using insights provided on such platforms like Facebook and Twitter can go a long way for effectively implementing e-mails campaigns, which can ultimately lead toward the end of your sales funnel.


Social media is one of the best ways to build the reputation of your brand. Positive reviews and comments, along with shares can prove to be a great way of building an important reputation, and can also improve you visibility and traffic.


Make sure to include high ranking keywords when describing product features – always aim for high search ranking results. SqueezeCMM is a tool that can that lets you track responses, and will build a user journey so you can track your viewers and readers down your content funnel.

The Purchase

Once a consumer has decided to buy your product, it is important to remember engage and reach out when they are making a payment, and also when their product arrives. This allows for a possible e-mail up sell, and can lead them to new buying opportunities.

FaceBook, Twitter, and Pinterest all allow you to sell directly, and have the all-important ‘Buy’ button.

Post Purchase Customers

Some customers might leave and never purchase again. Some may return and purchase a few other items in the future. The best customers are the ones that will always return to purchase often and become brand advocates – they are easier and cost less to market to, and will help push your brand to a wider audience with shares, reviews, and posts.

Customer Support

Lastly, be sure to use your social media platform as a customer support base. Ensure that you offer rapid responses – if you don’t your brand reputation can take a big hit. Many companies use Twitter for customer support care. Open a Twitter account that solely addresses customer support.