What Business Owners Need to Know about Guest Blogging in the Current SEO Marketplace

Guest posts have long-been used to bring attention to a company’s brand via a direct link on the host’s website. However, recent changes to the Google algorithms mean that guest posting is no longer a viable way to achieve direct links. But for those who have thrived using this method, there are still multiple benefits to guest blogging in 2015. Within this post we’ll take a look how companies can now use guest blogs within their online marketing strategies.

Guest Blogs can Now be Disseminated Via Social Media

Social media is now one of the leading ranking factors in search. And by linking guest posts to their social media accounts, companies with large social media networks can ensure a wide distribution base for their content.

Guest Blogs Provide a New Perspective

While guest blogging for link-building is no longer a leading method for achieving SEO campaign momentum, guest blog writers can still benefit from the process by providing their industry with a new perspective on a common topic. Well written posts can gain traction online through social media and this can significantly boost a brand’s recognition across their industry.

Guest Blogs Offer Value to Audiences

Brand audiences are now seeking out value from the content they consume online. And so writing guest posts across a site network can help show potential customers their opinion and need for quality content is valued. get backlinks http://www.wsialm.com/2015/09/what-business-owners-need-to-know-about-guest-blogging-in-the-current-seo-marketplace/ http://www.wsialm.com/2015/09/what-business-owners-need-to-know-about-guest-blogging-in-the-current-seo-marketplace/ http://www.wsialm.com/2015/09/what-business-owners-need-to-know-about-guest-blogging-in-the-current-seo-marketplace/ http://www.wsialm.com/2015/09/what-business-owners-need-to-know-about-guest-blogging-in-the-current-seo-marketplace/This can be the beginning of an engagement process that allows companies to promote their products directly to qualified customers.

In harnessing their guest blogs to build a relationship with their audience rather than simply adding links and hoping for front page traction, brands can now fully integrate guest blogging within their online marketing strategies. To learn more, speak with our expert team today!