What Impact Does Google My Business API Have for Local Business Marketers?

Google recently launched the Google MY Business API which provides brands and platforms a new way to get their location information into Google Maps and Google Search.

Now owners of locations will have more control over how they look in searches by customers, while also providing far more accurate data and complete information; making for an improved customer experience as well.

GMB (Google My Business)

The GMB interface allows businesses to manage their listings on Google -this only deals with business listings. With the new GMB, companies can claim sites, add locations, and edit information about listings such as duplicate locations, closed locations, and much more.

Businesses used to have to do updates manually using the dashboard in the GMB, either individually or in one bulk spreadsheet upload. As one could imagine, this was an extremely long process. For small business this would be a hassle, but for huge marketing companies and enterprises, they were forced to update thousands of client listings each day – manually!

API resolves this issue by sending the information directly to Google, but API isn’t usable for everyone. Only trusted and approved providers will have their info accepted – they must meet vey stringent standards for quality of data since this information will appear to clients over everything Google related.

Small business who manage all their own data will use the GMB dashboard; as API is obviously directed to much larger companies and enterprises.

Making Sense of API

Utilizing GMB with the new API, will see Google get much more updates regarding content, since the new process is much, much easier than the older entry method. With newer and better data, the client and business will both enjoy the benefits.

Setting up holiday hours is an example of the benefits of API – and this allows Google to provide users with the newest and most reliable data possible, even during holidays. This will make the consumer centric masses very happy as well.

Managing Location Information

Location Management Platform (LMP) might be the choice for many enterprises since it will make the collecting and managing of information easier.

While other search or mapping providers have setup a API data feed, Google, being the premiere search engine, this does mark a new change on how Google deals with local search. This could be the reason why only Google verified accounts will be able to utilize it – to keep information as precise as possible.