What You Need to Know about Google’s Penguin Algorithm

Google’s Penguin algorithm has been the focus on many leading online marketing professionals in recent months as they try to gauge the search company’s next move and determine how best to orchestrate their campaigns. With the latest release of Penguin now over a year away, we’ll look at what the current algorithm has changed in the last year and what future updates may focus on as Google seeks to improve search results.

Latest Information Shows HTTPS Can Boost Ranking

When weighing up the quality of two different websites, a site using HTTPS will now have the advantage under the latest iteration of the Google Penguin algorithm. This is because Google is increasingly trying to improve the security of the websites they link to within their search system and HTTPS offers site users additional security over the HTTP system.

Unnatural Links Impacting Site Performance

With the continued importance of link relevance and link value, Google is increasingly taking unnatural links exceptionally seriously. And those who have been found to continually go against webmaster guidelines may be the subject of further penalties by Google. Webmasters who receive a Manual Action notification based on an unnatural link to another site should nofollow the link, submit a reconsideration request and then, after being reconsidered, delete the nofollow for that link. For those who continually receive manual action notifications, it will now become increasingly difficult to achieve reconsideration.

Full Penguin Update Still Months Away

While some webmasters are seeing significant changes to their ranking position since the most recent Penguin update last year, it’s important to note that Google has said the system will be updated again in several months. This means webmasters should pay close attention to the latest guidelines and review their site’s ranking performance to determine areas for improvement under the current algorithm.

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