Why Blogs Are Still Vital to Content Marketing

Over the years, the list of media types that make up content marketing services has exploded.  Ten years ago, all you really needed was a blog and maybe a Twitter or LinkedIn social media account. Today, there is a vast array of content marketing options to choose from – yet blogs are still going to be one of your most important tools.

Blogs are still vital to your outreach and can do wonders for your SEO, brand awareness, and overall reach.

Five Reasons Blogs Still Matter In 2019

1. Blogs are an affordable option 

If there’s one overarching reason we doubt blogs will ever fully go away, it’s that they’re generally affordable. Anyone can blog if they have an hour or two to spend. Even if you choose to purchase materials from companies providing content marketing services, blogs are among the most affordable types of content you can get.

When a company is trying to do content marketing and SEO on a budget, the affordability of blogs will guarantee their importance.

2. Blogs are still central to SEO 

While Google’s strategies and algorithms for ranking websites have changed over the years, blogs are still one of the best ways to boost your SEO.  Blogs contain those all-important keywords and key-phrases, and they also allow you to regularly update your website – something that Google values highly.

Other media types such as video or podcasts may be trendier, but they are less helpful to your SEO strategies.

3. Blogs can host multiple types of content 

One nice thing about a blog is that it doesn’t have to only contain text.  It can act more like a container, with more elements such as videos, slideshows, or infographics embedded within the work.  In this way, it serves double duty.  It can express your thoughts in text, while also aggregating other media you have produced, putting many different forms of content in a single place.

4. Blogs are excellent for telling true/emotional stories 

Have you gotten a really heartfelt letter from a customer, or been involved in a workshop that totally changed your perspective?  Your blog is probably going to be the best way to talk about it.  Blogging is still a great way to convey emotional content, in a way that “dry” media such as slideshows really cannot.

Sure, videos can also be emotional – but putting together a genuinely effective video is expensive and time-consuming.

5. Blogs are great for social sharing

Videos may now be the most-shared media content online, but blogs still aren’t far behind.  A well-written blog can easily turn up on LinkedIn, Facebook, and numerous other social media sites.  In turn, high visibility on social media also helps boost your SEO – even if the exact algorithm determining this correlation is still somewhat mysterious.

Either way, if your blogs are being regularly shared on social media, you’ll be seeing an increase in visibility, in traffic, and in SERP rankings.  That’s a lot of bang for your buck!

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