MozCon – Why Marketers Should Think More Like Investors to Drive Content Results – Ross Simmonds

In his entertaining MozCon presentation, Ross Simmonds highlighted why marketers need to switch mind frames to think more like investors in order to drive their content results. A catchy and repeated slogan he used throughout his presentation was “Invest more. Guess less.

So, our team at ALM Corp. is outlining the big takeaways from this MozCon presenter and lecture.

Content Is Your Asset

The amount of content you create and feed to the Google bots, the more they will come back to crawl and index your webpage. The more quality content you can curate, the better. So be sure to stay on top of creating posts, blogs, pages, etc.

Ross mentioned his KPI of choice during the early stages of projects is indexed pages per month.

Diversify Your Online Content Portfolio

Sticking with the idea that marketers should think like investors, diversifying your investments is important. So, keeping that in mind, diversifying your content is something you need to start doing (if you aren’t already). Creating everything from blogs, eBooks, landing pages, interactive content, and more can help grow your SEO, brand, and solidify you as a “go-to” for all industry-related topics.

You and your team can utilize SEO analytics and other metrics for planning and gauging risk versus reward when preparing content topics and things to focus on. When you find a high-growth SEO subject that relates to your field, be sure to create lots of different content around it that answers questions about it, offers tips, etc.

The Power of the Landing Page

An interesting point that Ross highlighted was the power of the landing page. Be sure your landing pages are fully optimized and don’t underestimate their power. In his presentation, Ross showed the effectiveness of creating a kind of SEO moat using templated pages, and the power that quality landing pages can have when this strategy is applied correctly.

How & Where to Start?

While it may have seemed a bit overwhelming to know where to start, Ross outlined the following challenge by investing/focusing on the following aspects for three months:

  • YouTube video content
  • Generating in-depth resource content
  • Twitter threads
  • High intent landing pages
  • Personalized outreach
  • Podcast tour

Now, while not all of these may apply to your needs (or be possible) it’s a fantastic list to start and should help you get onto the path of content domination.

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