Why Visitors Abandon Your Website

With “clickbait” becoming an increasingly used online marketing tactic, confusing and frustrating user experiences are being deployed to persuade visitors to stay on a website or join a mailing list.

Avoid these tactics and make your website more appealing to the people who want to be on it.

Premature email requests

Many businesses and publishers have great products and quality content filling their sites but insist on getting your commitment too early. Many customers have fears of their inbox being flooded with unwanted emails about products they do not really want. Chances are if they do not really know what exactly you are selling, they will trash the mailing list request. http://www.wsialm.com/2015/10/why-visitors-abandon-your-website/ http://www.wsialm.com/2015/10/why-visitors-abandon-your-website/ http://www.wsialm.com/2015/10/why-visitors-abandon-your-website/ http://www.wsialm.com/2015/10/why-visitors-abandon-your-website/Let your visitors explore your site before popping up and asking them for their address. Try using cookies to control when a customer is prompted for their information based on their actions within your page.

Disguising calls-to-action

If you are in the ecommerce, sales, or business world, odds are you want your customers to take specific actions when they are on your website. Ensure you make this task as easy as possible for them.

By hiding that “checkout” button at the bottom of your website, you might have a frustrated customer that leaves your site midway through an attempted purchase. Make certain that you have clear “checkout” buttons and ensure call to action is very visible to your visitors.

Poor mobile experience

With more and more people utilizing their mobile phones for browsing on the go, it is becoming fundamental that you provide an amazing mobile experience for your visitors. Formatting is important, but your site also needs to be equipped with a click-to-call button, maps of your location, and proper loading media. Ensuring that large display ads do not take over the users screen is essential.

Wrong content

When a user searches on your site for something specific, they are letting you know exactly what they are looking for. If they are looking for a specific detail or information about a product, make sure they land on the proper page with that exact content. Sending someone to the wrong page can quickly lead to a bounce and a lost customer.

Being mindful of these simple mistakes can dramatically lower your site’s abandonment rate, and turn a potential bounce into a happy customer.