WSI-ALM Team Attends YouTube Immersion Day Conference in Toronto

WSI-ALM’s online marketing team was recently invited to attend to Canada’s first YouTube Immersion Day conference in Toronto. The company’s attendees connected with other leading specialists within the online video marketing field and learned about the latest innovations in video marketing through a special Q&A panel, as well a keynote address from SMB sales manager at Google, Angela Milec.

IMG_1223The online video marketplace is now one of the leading landscapes for effective business marketing. But because this sector of the online industry is evolving at such a rapid pace, it’s imperative the marketers speak with the technologists behind online video systems to ensure their campaigns are aligned for optimal performance. The team at WSI-ALM has great experience within the video marketing field and we were proud to have the opportunity to speak with some of the most prominent experts in the field at the YouTube Immersion Day event.

It was an event that featured a Q&A session with So Media Co-Founder and SEO, George Fleming; Head of YouTube Marketing Canada, Fab Dolan; President of 6S Marketing, Chris Breikss; and YouTube Creator, Nicole Arbour. The team gained a broad range of insights from the YouTube and Google specialists in attendance. For example, we learned how YouTube defines a “good video”:

  • Be entertaining
  • Offer utility
  • Teach the audience something new

The leading videos on YouTube, and within the online marketing field, feature all three of these components. Our team also learned the process of crafting an effective YouTube video. This process includes four key steps:

  • Build a compelling story
  • IMG_1215Select the most effective targeting mechanism for your audience
  • Choose between a “paid” advertising model and a “reserved” model
  • Continually measure your impact and optimize as you glean more data

Video marketing now presents brands a direct means of communication across a diverse audience base. It’s a marketing option that is continually evolving as the search specialists within YouTube and Google adapt their technologies to meet new consumer needs. To discuss this event or your company’s online video branding campaigns with a trusted expert, contact our offices directly!