Yelp Tries to Fight COVID-19, Plus Bing & Google SEO Updates

This week we saw a few companies like Microsoft and Google offer some new tools and options that will help marketers improve their traffic, search engine results, and more. Not only that, but Yelp is doing their part in trying to provide customers with the safest options during the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, here are the latest updates from the SEO and digital marketing world you need to know about…

  • Microsoft Updates Bing’s Webmaster Tools

Bing has added some metrics to their Webmasters performance report. Now you can track such things as crawl errors, indexed page metrics, and also crawl requests. What is great about this recent update is that now users can find all of their data in a centralized place. Furthermore, marketers can get better insight into website performancewithin Bing searches.

This news is a great for those looking to improve their organic traffic and results on Microsoft’s Bing search engine.

  • New Coverage Data in Google Search Console

Google has made some big changes to its coverage reports in Google Search Console so that users can gain a better understanding of potential Google crawling and indexing issues. Google will be relabeling certain categories with more particular ones. A new addition you will notice is an indexed without content warning, along with more precise soft 404 reporting – to name a few.

To learn more about these changes and updates, click here to head over to Google’s official announcement.

  • Yelp Introduces New Safety & Health Ratings

With COVID-19, many restaurants and takeout services have been busier than every with food deliveries and curbside pickup. Well, now Yelp is doing the best they can to ensure you can choose a local business that is doing its best to follow safety and health guidelines. Such things as mask wearing, proper PPE use, and social distancing are all things that will now be included in the rating system.

With this new health and safety rating from Yelp, users can know what businesses are truly taking and enforcing the proper precautions and measures that will keep customers, staff, and their community safe. It is also important to note that for chains or businesses with multiple locales, only the specific location where the customer went will be displayed; in other words, they won’t be all lumped into a single rating for all locations.

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